Who do you give IT support to?

- Anyone! We are happy to assist single home office users to a large SMME. But our niche is small businesses of 2 - 50 employees. We partner with entertainment companies, event businesses, lawyers, doctors practices, dentists, laboratories, churches, NGOs, IT firms, financial companies, IFAs, insurance brokers and pretty much any small business you can think of that uses computers. 

How do we know you're the right fit for our business?

- Lets hop onto a Zoom chat (top right of this page to book now) and find out if we see eye-to-eye! 

What is an MSP?

- An MSP is a Managed Service Provider. As an MSP, we offer a contracted IT support service to your business. Included in this is an office-hours helpdesk, constant monitoring of your computers, automatic patches to operating systems and popular software, backups and security. We have three main packages but do tailor them to your specific needs with various additional options.   

Do I have to sign up for a long contract?

- As an MSP, we sign our clients up for a 12 month contract, after a 3-month trial period. However we do also offer On Demand IT Support if you don't want to commit to a fixed monthly bill.

What areas do you service?

- We are based in Kenilworth, Cape Town. As we may need to come to your offices on occasion, we prefer to partner with businesses based in the Cape Town Southern Suburbs to give faster service to all our customers. However, we do work with businesses all over Cape Town.

Do you upgrade computers?

- We offer upgrades on full size desktop machines, and RAM (memory) upgrades on most laptops. We can outsource repairs and upgrades on other machines.

Do you fix printers, computers and mobile devices?

- We will attempt to get any device working with your network of devices again (or for the first time!). However we do not specialise in physical repairs of devices. Any device that is damaged outside the scope of what we can do will be repaired by a trusted third party. This includes printers, tablets, mobile phones and other sealed devices. We can repair desktop machines and most laptops.  


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